Richard plants hemp into a healthy living cover crop at RavenRidge.

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Our Path to Regenerative Agriculture

From the early years when our first 100 grape vines went into the ground, we knew that spraying chemicals to manage pests and weeds was not something we wanted to do.

As we began experimenting with raising animals and growing more diverse crops, we began observing that life thrives most in areas where healthy soil is impacted the least.

Yet like so many others, we were challenged by having adopted worn-out land with unhealthy soils, which if left to natural means would require multiple generations to recover.

Low-impact Ecological Agriculture

Over the past decade we've been learning through observation and hard work to manage this degraded land back to productivity using the lightest practical touch.

It turns out many others have been learning to do the same, setting the stage for a regenerative revolution.

So what exactly is Regenerative?

Regenerative refers to growing systems which utilize and enhance the evolved ability of plants and animals, in relationship with microbiology, to cycle nutrients within healthy ecosystems.

At RavenRidge, in our food and hemp production, we follow the set of practices put forth as Regenerative Agriculture.

To learn more about this land-management approach, visit Why Regenerative Matters.

Our Regenerative CBD Products

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Owned, Managed and Operated by the Wheelers

RavenRidge Family Farm is a regenerative farming and grazing operation. It is also an effort by four individuals from the Wheeler Family to change the way we look at the possibilities for the future. Click below to learn more.

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