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Why might I use Sublingual Oil

Sublingual products are made by combining concentrated Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with a carrier oil. Flavorings can be added to make the resulting oil more palatable.

Although per FDA regulations, we can't say much about how our product might help, we can say this:

sublingual products are effective at delivering a large percentage of whatever cannabinoids are available to whatever part of your endocannabinoid system has available receptors for it.

What happens after that depends on your body, and the condition it is in at that moment.

Learn more about sublingual products here or Visit our Online Store

When should I use Topical Salve

Salve is made by combining concentrated Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with various carrier oils and essential oils for scent.

If you say ouch when you move it or your doctor has said you just need to rest it, this could be the product for you.

Oh, and it'll make your skin feel great, too! Learn more about our topical salve offerings or Visit our Online Store.

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