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Posted: February 11th, 2021

- Richard, the Farm Doc

CBD Content of product

Studies have shown significant deviation between labelled and actual content of CBD in products available for online retail purchase.  One study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association found 26% of tested samples contained less CBD than indicated on the label.1  Ongoing studies by the FDA showed that 55% of tested products did not contain the amount of CBD listed on the label.2  Several products had <1% of the labelled content of CBD, triggering warning letters from the FDA.

Misleading CBD content labelling

Products containing CBD should explicitly state the amount of CBD contained in the product.  Some products, instead of specifically stating the amount of CBD, use less specific terms such as “CBD oil”, “Hemp oil”, “Full Spectrum oil”.  None of these terms can be correlated to a specific amount of CBD.

Testing CBD products for Cannabinoids: importance of using a DEA certified lab

As is true of testing for heavy metals, there are multiple methodologies for testing Cannabinoid content of a product.3  The quality and reliability of the results can vary depending on the methodology used and the lab performing the test.  It is optimal to see results from a DEA registered lab.  The USDA keeps a list of these labs.4

RavenRidge Family Farm results

RavenRidge Family Farm uses estate grown hemp to make our CBD products.  We test our products for CBD using Sativa Testing, a DEA registered lab.3 Tests results are available for viewing prior to purchase.


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