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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be a sustainably thriving, small family farm; founded on the principle that healthy soil is the foundation for healthy plants, animals, people and planet; integrated into our local environment, culture, and economy; committed to sharing with, and learning from others on the journey.

Our vision is a national network of similar sustainably thriving small family farms, based on the same core principles, all contributing to vibrant, healthy communities.

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We grow hemp (and other herbs)
following Regenerative Agricultural Practices.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Among other things, this means we do not use herbicides, pesticides, or petroleum-derived fertilizers or mulches. We encourage diversity in animal, plant and microbial life, and we encourage living soil with green mulches, manures and compost teas.

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Richard and Michele

Richard and Michele are the owners of RavenRidge Family Farm, LLC. They purchased a former tobacco farm in 2007, with the intent of regenerating the land, and creating a multi-generational, sustainable family farm. They are the proud parents/grandparents of 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Richard did over ninety percent of the trichome extraction in 2019, some with they help of Nathan and Cynthias son, Willie.Michele spends much of the growing season face to face with hemp plants, caterpillars, and whetever else happens to be hanging around.

Richard is a Family Physician who practiced at Kaiser and Duke in the Triangle area of North Carolina for 20 years prior to retiring from clinical practice in 2013. He also served as CMO of several companies, and currently works full time as a medical director at Cotiviti, a healthcare analytics and services company.

Michele worked for 25 years as an educator. Since retiring, she has pursued her love of art using repurposed materials. Being a city girl, she never imagined herself farming in rural North Carolina, but nurturing the soil, plants and animals enriches life on a daily basis. She is passionate about sharing her love for creativity and the farm with family and friends.

Grandma Hunt

Grandma appreciates the time she has had with her youngest grandson. You can see her here rocking him the farmhouse porch.Grandma swore she wouldnt return to the farm, but even she will admit that baby goats are hard not to snuggle.

Neva is the nonagenarian matriarch of the farm. She grew up on a small family farm in North Loup, Nebraska (the “popcorn capital of the world”). She swore she would never live on a farm again. Seventy years later, she’s back on the farm, enjoying herself this time around. She stays active with her sewing, ladies group, babysitting (animals and great-grandchildren) and helping with the hemp harvest.

Cynthia and Nathan

Cynthia and Nathan, Richard and Michele’s eldest son, work the land, manage the animals, and keep the social and customer facing elements of the business running smoothly. They are both passionate about making the world a better place. Their greatest wish for RavenRidge Family Farm is that over time, more of the family can come to help work it, and that from it, more families learn what it means to take some degree of control over what we consume, where it comes from, and how the rest of the world will feel the impact of its production on the land.

With a 8 month old ( at the time ), it was hard for Cynthia to spend much time in the fields, but when they could, they did, like here planting hemp clones.

Cynthia grew up on her family horse farm and has always been passionate about animals and animal behavior. She worked many years as a large and small animal veterinary assistant, several years in the human medical field as an Emergency Medical Technician, then transitioned into Massage Therapy and Bodywork. Over the last few years she has focused on raising 2 kids on the farm, Georgia and William, as well as on making herbal bodycare products, all while helping to clarify the vision of what these two farms can be.

Cynthia had her daughter Georgia in the barn from pretty much day one. Here she holds a young hen, her favorite from this clutch.Nathan didnt grow up around animal barns, but he now sees eye to eye with the chickens at least, as shown here by the hen perched on his shoulder.

Nathan graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a BS degree in Biology, where he focused on avian and plant studies. He spent his first 10 working years as a full-stack web developer and then left the tech world to study herbal medicine and permaculture in Asheville, NC. The better part of the last ten years he spent learning the land so that he can grow meaningful crops while focusing on regenerating soil and building habitat for local species. He strives to bring community together with a sustainable holistic mindset for the future of his community, children and family.